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When I create these, I generally make six to twelve at a time, mounting anywhere from two to four pieces onto the fixture at each pass. Most of the time, they are held in place by any number of clips, clamps, clothespins or coins and left to dry for 12 to 24 hours. This is done with each fixture and the next day, it's repeated. 

The number of individual plastic shards on a fixture can range anywhere from twenty to fifty pieces, depending on the moment. Some are larger and more complex. Others are smaller and simpler.

As they are built, they are plugged-in to see where I'd like to add more pieces, and/or decide what I want to show on the wall behind the light. Sometimes I'll add a piece that will offer soft, colorful washes to the wall, other times there will be jagged "crash-lines," and still other times, both. 

As with any art-piece, when it's done, it's done, but sometimes it can go on....


Posted here are photos of some crash-lights in their new homes!

I ask friends/purchasers to send pics of them when they decided where they're going to stay. Seems like they are split between kitchens and bathrooms, with a few livingrooms getting the nod!





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