Born on the pavement of the Motor City. Literally.

Found, automotive-repurposed-art;

each item original and unique, hand-made by yours truly! 

(that would be me!

For now, available pieces will be visible at my etsy store.

They're beautiful, inexpensive and a great gift for anyone who likes art, cars, lights - or all three! -     


it started like this;


do you see the photo above, where a small piece of orange reflector is glued to the taillight?

i discovered this problem the first week i had been in detroit. 
i'm sure i didn't have it in new york.

if i did, i would have been ticketed yesterday, if you get my meaning. 
that's why, "the cracked tail light," has forever-been used in movie and TV scripts., the moment i saw it, as me and maxx walked past my car, i began to worry about being stopped in my new home-town.  
fortunately, street-sweepers haven't visited these blocks in a long time, so i spied small red and orange plastic shards mixed in the dirt by the corner. 

that's where accidents happen; at the intersection of crash street and crunch avenue. 

from then on, if i saw any auto-plastic - red, orange and clear plastic shards connected to whatever housing was with it - i'd pick them up.

maybe it replaced the "sea-glass"-collecting hobby i had for years at gateway national park on the east coast.

back then, i wanted to make something along the lines of a tiffany lamp with them.

now, almost four years in detroit, i have a box of plastic shards and pieces, along with broken tail light assemblies. looking at this, i thought the same thing; i'd make an automotive-angled tiffany shade. 

i started the project last autumn. i also ended the project last autumn.
too much, too soon.
a couple of days later, walking through a dollar-store, there they were;
small, inexpensive night-lights that i could re-create with this stuff...and here we are! 


this is not to say i won't be doing bigger pieces. 

they'll be coming, but not right now.

oh, and one other thing;
i'm not wandering around detroit streets looking for plastic like i did in the beginning.
i do that in huge junkyards, now.

i love junkyards....

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